This blog is devoted to my research and thoughts during my Fulbright year in Italy. I will attempt to explore and discover inextricable relationships found within our visual history, many seemingly unrelated to one another. My overall interest is to investigate the ways in which traditional making practices specific to jewelry and goldsmithing meet contemporary art culture, not only in Italy, but within the larger sphere of the fine art world. This is fueled by a larger interest in the aspects of Italian art culture that have continuously facilitated artists to reinterpret their own visual history. In what ways does the past meet the present? How can tradition breed contemporary innovations? What about the language we use is problematic in the ways we try to understand things????

My reflections will attempt to connect the dots of aesthetics and conceptual shifts found within Italy and Europe in relation to America. This blog will promote thought, cultural ideas and values centered around contemporary jewelry as an expressive art form, and I wish to investigate its relationship to other spheres in fine art. Although the true intent of my Fulbright project is to focus on Italian artists, theories, and ideologies spanning various eras in art and design, the content on this blog will not be limited to such. Any material I find that touches on the value of a traditional past and/or the promotion of contemporary jewelry will be worth mentioning here!

If you are curious in my formal project proposal, please feel free to contact me and I can send it to you, or I can answer any questions you may have. This is my first blog ever, so be nice!

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