Early this morning I returned from SCHMUCK 2012 in Munich (for those of you who may not know…click here). To say that I am exhausted is an understatement! But as I digest all that was visually consumed this past weekend, I will post and post and post. I went at it alone so that I was able to meet many artists I’ve admired for quite some time, as well as up-and-comers excited about my research and with lots of things to say. AND of course, I had more than my fair share of beer and sausage, but that was to be expected! I plan a full report… I really do, but there was just SO MUCH that I don’t yet know the shape my reflections will take. Everything I saw and all the dialog I initiated proved to be quite good research, all while being truly overwhelmed and in a daze for 4 days straight. While I was repeatedly impressed, there were times I was actually quite… unimpressed. My hopes are that soon enough, you will know why. Or maybe I’ll just confuse you. God knows that’s exactly how I left feeling.

For now, here is a little aperitivo.

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