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11 artists, 9 nationalities, 7 languages , come together in the exhibition titled PURUS, the Latin root of the word pure(puro/pur), an untainted representation of perfection, naturalness, and concentration.

It all started with 333 yellow trees, 250 portraits, 99 towers of Babel, and many other experiments aimed to lead each student to the essence of his/her artistic language.

The results of this research, guided by Ruudt Peters are presented in PURUS,

with Christoph Zellweger curating the eleven collections.

Not all is pure and white, we actually did not want to refer to verginity and pure whiteness –

what we were thinking about was the fully colored and energy cramped double word purpur (in German) purpure in French – the color of the Gods, The Pope and the Cardinals, the only missing color in the spectrum of the rainbow. The color of power, of wealth of absolute transition……

But at the…

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  1. Really great presentation. Very thoughtful and the visuals really help. May I have permission to use this along with my own introduction to contemporary jewelry in my beginning jewelry class? Thank you.

    • Yes, of course! Please feel free and thanks for the nice words, really excited you want to use some of my work.

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