THE BIRTHDAY BOYS – Thomas Gentille and Peter SkubicGallery Loupe in Montcair, New Jersey, Oct 09 – Oct 30, 2012

the following photos are from the opening on oct. 20th

more info to come about the pieces on display ! 

both artists will be speaking at Brooklyn Metal Works on Oct. 21st. click —–> here for more info!

  1. Patti Bleicher said:

    Hi Kellie,

    Great meeting you on Saturday evening. Thanks so much for coming out and thanks for the blog post. Love the pic. of your reflection in the Skubic wall piece. Is it ok if we use that on our post? Are you still thinking about coming out on Sunday to Brooklyn Metal Work?

    Best, Patti

    • Hi Patti!
      SO glad I was able to make too. Of course, use whatever you want from the blog anytime! I want to write a bit about this night when I have a bit more time, I had a great conversation with Sergay about the work, and my friend Misha, has a lot to say as well so i’m trying to get a bit from him too. I’ve asked Lane if perhaps I could get a list of the materials of each piece, names, etc to enhance whatever I write, if that’s ok with you ! Thanks so much again, what a great show. Meeting both Gentille and Skubic was quite the honor.
      and about BKM, I unfortunately don’t think i’ll be able to make it but will send some spies!
      A presto,


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