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Dear People, 

As you may have noticed, not much gets posted here anymore. It’s regrettable, but I since I’ve become a fellow at RISD’s European Honors Program (a two year stint, ending soon) I’ve been traveling and traveling and quite busy here in Rome, plus more and more frequently I get asked to write elsewhere. As such, I thought I should tell you where to find my writing elsewhere, freelance mostly for various online and physical publications:

Current Obsession – I’ve been working more and more intensely with the amazing people at CO since their first published magazine, The Archetype Issue, where I have two interviews with Karl Fritsch and Alexander Blank. I also wrote a much bigger text and quasi manifesto called, Bling is Ok!, featured in the third Issue, Fake (copies still available!). We have also published two paper versions of the magazine that coincided with Munich Jewelry Week (you can find them here and here, the second has an interview with Hanna Hedman and an article about crystals and the supernatural). Currently i’m proud to say that I am an editor for the magazine with many big projects to come… keep your eyes peeled !

Art Jewelry Forum – For the last few years i’ve been doing many gallery interviews (like this one with Sofia Björkman of Platina); Best Of features for Munich Jewelry Week/Schmuck; and various texts like this one about exhibition strategies which was recently republished in a book, Shows and Tales, just out now! There you’ll also find a brand new interview between me and Ruudt Peters, never before published.

Thanks to those of you who still read this blog! Check the facebook page for a bit more presence on my part, and if you really appreciate the content of this blog, please kindly consider a small donation making it easier for me to produce new content (on the topbar above you’ll find the link:))

Jewelry love to all,

Kellie Riggs

Marina and myself holding 2014's paper for Munich Jewelry Week

The Current Obsession Team!

Feature in most recent CO Paper, Supernatural


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