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Dear Community,

The growth of this blog, which was started as an outlet for my Fulbright research, has been quite the surprise to me, and I appreciate all of my readers and the support i’ve received in the past 14 months. Yet with the Fulbright being over and real life setting back in (I am still in Italy, still researching, starting a new studio practice, eating a lot of fagioli…) it has become more difficult to devote adequate time to this project; for that reason I have created this page, with the hope that some of you would be interested in contributing to the development of my research now that my Fulbright funding has ended, as I am still very much devoted to new ideas in contemporary jewelry, the advancement of the field, and the promotion of artists and colleagues.  I thank you for the consideration greatly! And keep your eyes peeled, ≥ plans on taking a few steps forward, and we’ll need all the help we can get.

tanti saluti !


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